The challenge of programmatic advertising in digital environments

After experiencing massive growth in the last years, programmatic advertising is reaching a phase of maturing and the rate of growth has slowed down. Still, however, growing at an expected average of 28% in a global market of 64 bn USD. While many broadcasters are currently in the process of making traditional, expensive media inventory available via programmatic the trend definitely points in that direction. states: “Research by PWC predicts that programmatic TV will represent approximately a third of global TV ad revenue by 2021, whereas a study by Videology states the consensus among industry experts to be closer to more than half by that date.”

The decision faced by many executives is where to look for the best programmatic solutions that fit their current, and future, needs. With the increased needs for programmatic platforms the shift from linear to digital is also happening at a rapid pace. More shows than ever are also available in VOD-platforms. But this shift comes with massive concerns about the efficiency of the digital advertising industry.

P&G’s Mark Pritchard, among others, has been vocal in his critique of the issues currently roaming the digital ad industry, with false clicks, people not watching video ads for more than 1,7 seconds and with only 20% of ads viewed more than 2 seconds. It is imperative a lot of these issues are solved, to the benefit of everyone in the industry, when programmatic ads reach traditional broadcasters and are rolled out in the AVOD or SVOD environment. Traditional TV still has the audience and a brand safe environment and they will make sure the platforms put in place will keep it that way. The programmatic advertising platforms need to keep innovating and provide the best solutions in a market demanding increased transparency amidst rapid growth. It’s not an easy task, but the best ones will surely be rewarded.

About Camment

Camment is a video engagement platform with AI based data collection that fuels our programmatic ad platform to increase targeting possibilities, remove false-clicks and provide relevant contextual advertising in a brand safe environment.

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